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The Doctors
September 28, 2011

Indianapolis CBS affiliate WISH-TV
Part 1: What’s Killing Hoosier Women?
Part 2: Toxic Shock: Why Are Women Still Dying?


Radio Guest Appearances & Audio Interviews

Holy Hormones Honey!
Hosted by Leslie Carol Botha
Suzan Hutchinson Addresses Toxic Shock Syndrome 

The Dr. Melanie Show
Toxic Shock Syndrome Can Be Life Threatening 

The Dr. Pat Show
Breaking the Silence: Why Talking to Girls about Menstruation is Imperative

The Keeper, Inc.
TSS Awareness – a Conversation with Suzan Hutchinson 

TOTM! Tea Talk with Val Carey
TSS Talk with TSS Survivor Suzan Hutchinson (Jan. 2012)
More TSS Talk with Suzan Hutchinson (Feb. 2012)



The Republic – Columbus, IN
Mother Pushes for Legislation 


TSS Awareness Sites & Nonprofit Organizations Focused on Menstruation

Alice Kilvert Tampon Alert (UK)
Project Shocking

Crimson Campaign: Empowering Girls and Women


Guest Appearances & Guest Post on Blogs

Ladies Holiday
In the Mix Monday – You ARE Loved/ Toxic Shock Syndrome

Perfect Timing
Toxic Shock Syndrome

Aries Mom
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

Ecocrazy Mom
Toxic Shock Syndrome – Suzan’s Story 

Fit Bottomed Mamas
Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms to Know 

Sexy Period
Guest Post from a TSS Survivor: What You Need to Know
When the Flu Isn’t the Flu: What Every Parent Should Know About TSS

Annie Fox
TSS 101 – Know Before You Flow

Maxim Hygiene
A Letter to Amy Elifritz


Mentions in Books

A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period
by DeAnna Lam, with art by Jessica Jarman-Hayes
Now also available in Hebrew 


Mentions on Blogs, VLogs or Websites

Lunette Blog / Link
Period Talk: Keeping an Open Mind When it Comes to Menstrual Alternatives

For Where E’er We Go / Link
You ARE Loved

Mommy Hates Chemicals / Link
Maxim Sanitary Pads and Tampons

Green Feminine Hygiene Queen (Maxim Hygiene’s blog) / Link
Period Talk: A Parent’s Guide to Changing the “Ew” to “Phew” and Fun!

Earth Crunchy Mama / link
Making the BIG Switch

Read Oak Lane / link
Talking to Your Daughter About Menstruation & Toxic Shock Syndrome

The Semi-Organic Mom / link
Why I Use Mama Cloth

Holly and Charisse / link
Toxic Shock Syndrome 

Le Blog d’Intime Nature (in French) / link
Les tampons – 2eme partie – You ARE Loved et le SCT

Ruby’s Red Wash / link
No Really, Change Can Be A Good Thing 

Her Campus / link
Toxic Shock Syndrome: Amy’s Story

Happy Womanhood / Link
You ARE Loved – Raising Awareness of TSS

No Cheese for Me Please / link
Hellooooo Ladies

TOTM: Time Of The Month / link
What is TSS? Toxic Shock Syndrome

The Eco Friendly Family / link
What Do You Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome?



Magazines (inc. e-zines)  & Newsletters (inc. e-newsletters)

Girls Only Club
Issue 1, Fall 2011 e-zine article

Instead Softcup
June 18, 2011 e-newsletter article

DeAnna L’am
June 16, 2011 e-newsletter TSS feature

May 16, 2011 e-newsletter

Ball Bearings, the Ball State University student life magazine
Fall 2010 – Overcoming the Shock



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