TSS Awareness Campaign


There's no better way that I know of to raise awareness about an issue than to talk about it. And, talk about it. And, talk about it some more. The more conversations we have, the more comfortable we become. And, the more comfortable we become, the more open we are. And, the more open we are, the more we accept the need to change what is. And, the more we accept the need to change what is, the more apt we are to take action. And, action is what we need. What IS must … [Read more...]

The Life You Save Could Be Your Own


By Carolyn DeForest, Ph.D Not long ago, the fall of 2011, over the course of a few days, I became sick- almost debilitated - with a searing headache, nausea, and aches and pains in my neck and back that were unprecedented in my experience.  And, as if I didn’t feel bad enough, I was also on my period.  Yes, menstruating- bleeding like there was no tomorrow, I was aching and cramping and feeling out of sorts basically from head to toe. This went on for a few days. If you’ve ever had a period, … [Read more...]