TSS Awareness Campaign

PeriodTalk-Button1There’s no better way that I know of to raise awareness about an issue than to talk about it.

And, talk about it.

And, talk about it some more.

The more conversations we have, the more comfortable we become.

And, the more comfortable we become, the more open we are.

And, the more open we are, the more we accept the need to change what is.

And, the more we accept the need to change what is, the more apt we are to take action.

And, action is what we need.

What IS must change.

Yes – it must.

If it doesn’t more girls, teens and young women are going to die from, or be maimed for life by, tampon related Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Hushed, embarrassed, whispered period talk must give way to open discussion.

Taboos silence.  Silence promotes ignorance. Ignorance kills.

Will you join us in speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves?

Will you join us in spreading the word about TSS, about TSS risk factors, and about the need to educate those most vulnerable to TSS?

It’s time to stand up.  It’s time to speak out.  It’s time for strength. It’s time to break menstrual taboos and expose myths and open the door to truth.

It’s time to liberate period talk and raise awareness about TSS.  We owe this to every girl, to every teen, to every mother, to every woman.

Will you join us Friday,  January 10, 2014 at 2 PM ET for #PeriodTalk?  It’s a TweetChat hosted the second Friday of each month by Tara of Be Prepared PeriodThis month the topic is TSS Awareness.

More information on #PeriodTalk can be found here.