Going from Gross to Green

A guest post by Ann Davis

I never thought my crunchy mama journey would lead me here, but now that I have arrived I will never go back.

I am a complete newbie when it comes to reusable feminine products, more specifically the reusable cup.  The thought of reusable feminine products never ever crossed my mind until I started my journey with cloth diapers for my little one.

Cloth pads and cups were lingering around the “For Mom: Menstrual Care” section of websites that I would shop for cloth diapers.  Initially the idea of using something reusable for my period completely grossed me out.

I am always researching ways to be greener for myself and my family, especially for my baby.   So the obvious question became how can I  be more green with my period? The options were cloth pads or cups. Since I couldn’t get my head around laundering cloth pads, I decided to try a cup. I had never used a tampon in my life and was a little nervous about inserting a cup in my vagina. But after a baby I thought, why fear that? I am so glad that I didn’t let my fear stop me.

Before using the cup my thoughts were that is DISGUSTING, that is DISGUSTING and that is DISGUSTING! After more and more consideration and reminders to myself of why I decided to cloth diaper my baby, I sucked it up and ordered a Diva Cup.

I sometimes laugh at myself when I think about it.  I received my Diva Cup in the mail and started reading the pamphlet and over prepping myself for when I would get my period. I even participated in a tweet chat session hosted by You ARE Loved that month in preparation for my big moment, but I have to be honest and admit that I chickened out that month. The next month came and I told myself, I HAVE to use it and that I am not going to waste my money and there is NOTHING to be afraid of! So I did!!

After trying the cup my thoughts were

  • Why didn’t I start using it sooner?
  • I am so crazy to be scared and WHY oh WHY didn’t I start using the cup sooner??
  • I was so surprised at how easy it was to use the cup.

It took me a couple times to get the insertion right, but after the first couple of days I was a pro! My favorite part of the cup is that I no longer hate my period and no longer plan everything around it (especially vacations). I’m so happy and excited that I will never again let my period stop me from living my life fully!  I am looking forward to having my period on a cruise next month.

When you’re using the cup, you DO NOT, let me emphasize, you DO NOT feel anything. Who would have thought?! I’m not a tampon wearer so I can’t make a comfort comparison, but I do know that I won’t be at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) with a cup! Plus, it can be worn for up to 12 hours.  The other thing about the cup that I absolutely love is the fact that I am never wasting money on pads again and not adding waste to landfills.

I recently shared my new found love with a co-worker and I am looking forward to sharing it with more people. I feel that my decision to use a cup has really changed my life. One final reason why I love the cup is that I can finally say, I’ve greened my period.


Ann Davis is married to a wonderful and supporting husband and a mommy to a wonderful baby boy.  Her family is on a mission to make our world a greener place for our future generation, and is committed to doing their part by choosing  more earth friendly options whenever possible. Ann is always researching eco-friendly options to anything conventional. She also loves being outdoors enjoying the wonderful California weather with my family and traveling to different places to learn new things.