Camping with a Cup

A guest post by Tara Bruley, founder of Be Prepared Period

Expecting to start my period the day we were scheduled to leave for our camping trip I was “prepared” and decided to bring my

DivaCup with me. I’ve never enjoyed the inconvenience my period has caused during a camping trip, the extra concern of being somewhere I could change my tampon or the early morning wake up calls from aunt flo. There’s nothing like waking up with that startling feeling of needing to rush to the bathroom, to be challenged with crawling out of the sleeping bag, bundling up in warm clothes, climbing out of the tent, to only have to walk who knows how far to the nearest bathroom in fear of a LEAK!

Camping for our family is meant to be a chance to “get away from it all,” not a time to worry about more. And this weekend was packed full of fun, camping, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and swimming. Any one of these activities can present period challenges in normal everyday life without the conveniences of home, never mind all of them in the same day. But of all these activities horseback riding had me the most concerned. Something about straddling a horse, bouncing up and down while trekking through the forest just screamed possible opportunity for a leak. I’m proud to report four people may have fallen off their horses but the DivaCup stayed put, no leaks!

I truly feel this little cup has been put to the test with all these activities, and with limited bathroom access it was wonderful to only have to worry about emptying it every 12 hours! After this weekend it is hard to imagine an event the DivaCup wouldn’t be a perfect fit for!

Camping with DivaCup = a Better Period!


This post was originally published on Be Prepared Period, and is reposted here with permission.