Do You Know What You ARE Wearing?

A guest post by Amanda Perkins

When I was reading the Republic newspaper online last week, I came across the article about Lisa Elifritz suing a tampon company to try and get them to label their product with what is REALLY in there. Come on, we should all what to know what is in the little cotton with a string that we are putting in our bodies! We all have a right to know, don’t we?

Sadly while I never had the pleasure of getting to know Amy, I am no stranger to losing a loved one.  Amy and I had a lot of mutual friends; I certainly felt the sorrow that swallowed Columbus when this world lost Amy. Hearing of how you all lost her, hit me hard.  I am a gal who strives to control what my son and I ingest.

I am a proud mamma to a handsome little fella, Joseph, or as he prefers, Jojo.  He is five years old (if that doesn’t explain to you how busy I am, you must not have kids yet!).  I am 25 and I sell insurance for State Farm Insurance here in Columbus, IN. I love this town, I have a happy little home right here and a nice little garden. I am the kind of girl who doesn’t eat meat because (yes, the treatment of those poor animals is not good and those animals are not well) I can’t stand the thought of all the chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics they pump into the animals, being taken in by me or my son. It just can’t be good.  I am not trying to convince any of you to change your ways – this is just me. We eat from my garden, we buy organic, we shop at the farmer’s market.  For me, it is my lifestyle; I have not eaten a bite of red meat for what will be ten years this fall. I don’t frown upon different lifestyle choices, but I do advise becoming more knowledgeable about our choices. This is what brings me here.

Quite some time ago I saw an add online for the Diva Cup. I had heard of a menstrual cup before, but it seemed gross! Then I heard about Amy, and it brought this back up in my mind. How can you not want to try an alternative? There is no better time than now! Look how bad these tampons I am using really are.  What are in tampons? What on earth am I putting in my body that is SO bad it can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome? Why do I trust tampon companies every month without even knowing what I am putting up there? They sure aren’t telling you .


Here I am worried about all these GMO’s I am eating. How is this any less important? We are all guilty of not changing a tampon as timely as we should at least once. . I did my research.  Ladies, you should take time to do some too.

I read reviews of every menstrual cup I could google, and decided to buy a Lunette. You can choose from several different colors. If you give yourself four months of trying it out, you won’t be out any more money than with your current product.  So I ordered my cup and the wash for fifty bucks – that’s a pretty penny to this single mamma! It’s worth every penny! In the long run I have saved soooo much: I have saved money, I no longer have the monthly expense of tampons, I have helped do the environment a favor, and most importantly I am saving my body, (I am not putting myself in any unnecessary danger that, to all of you, has hit way to close to home).

I received my Lunette shortly after ordering it, this thing is made with medical grade silicon, no chance of that causing me TSS.   I was a little nervous to try it – would it really work? From the first time I tried it, it has never leaked.  Once it is in you, can’t feel it.  It isn’t hard to use in any way.

Now I will be honest, since it is a cup you must dump it out.  This is not as bad as I thought it would be.  I know, it probably sounds like a hassle to most people. I promise it isn’t; it is so so good all around.  I think everyone would benefit if they just give it a chance.

Again, don’t just take my word for it; do the research, and see what you think. You will be happy you did.  Your knowledge could save a life. I will NEVER use another tampon.

Thank you Lisa, for going after the companies, and doing your part to make a difference


  1. Who is Amy and what was the article about? I guess I’m a little lost.

    • Marissa says:

      Go to the Home page, the explanation is there – Amy was the daughter of the woman who started this, Lisa, and she died of TSS due to tampon use.

  2. What a great article! Now I don’t have to write one, I can just share with my friends. I can’t tell you how better I feel knowing I’m not filling a landfill with unnecessary waste! Not to mention funding such a poor solution to an ongoing, never ending, female necessity…well…until we reach menopause; which I am approaching. Wished I’d known about these products sooner!!!! Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

  3. Krystal Price says:

    I was diagnosed with TSS in 2011 but got it in February 2010 and my life has changed FOREVER!!!!!! I have had over 15 surgeries as a result. I can’t move my toes and I have dropfoot and had to have a hysterectomy. AFTER 1 1/2 years of being hospitalized and being each time being in a self induced coma the drs couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me I was sent to the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville Florida where I was diagnosed with TSS and I am still going through surgeries till this day. My life will never be the same and what can I do