Making a Difference 140 Characters at a Time

Join us in celebrating our 25,000 tweet milestone!

Yes!  We are excited!

My name is Suzan and I’m the Director of Connectivity here at You ARE Loved, but if you follow You ARE Loved on Twitter you know me as @youarelovedTSS. There I communicate in 140 characters – which is often difficult for me because I have SO much I want to say!

Twitter has proven to be an awesome tool in spreading the word about tampon related Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and a great means for talking with many wonderful women about menstrual issues.

Never did I expect to find so many so open – not only to me, but to You ARE Loved and what we represent.

With each tweet (and retweet) You ARE Loved comes closer to fulfilling our two-fold mission:

  1. raising the level of awareness of tampon related Toxic Shock Syndrome so high that women and girls know the facts about TSS and are no longer sickened by it or die from it because they and their doctors are aware, informed, and proactive.
  2. informing all so that menstrual myths and taboos are a thing of the past as women embrace menstruation and become empowered by it – and girls are prepared as they enter puberty.

Did you know @youarelovedTSS co-hosts a monthly TweetChat –  #PeriodTalk – on the second Friday of each month?  Yes!  And, on each Friday there is a Weekend Twitter Poll by which we raise awareness about menstrual issues and initiate dialogue about solutions.

25,000 – that’s a lot of tweets!  Someone recently asked me why spend so much time on Twitter. My response was, “how else can I reach so many with the message – You ARE Loved!?”

You are, you know.  That’s why @youarelovedTSS exists.  I don’t want anyone to get TSS.  And, I don’t want anyone to live their life hating menstruation, or misunderstanding it, or not being prepared for it.  @youarelovedTSS is there for you.

If you follow us – THANK YOU!  We appreciate you!  We couldn’t have reached this milestone without you!

If you aren’t following us – please do!  I would love for you to follow @youarelovedTSS.

I look forward to tweeting with you!