talks TSS with a FYI

Melanie Abrahams writes a TSS FYI everyone needs to read.  How close to home is TSS? Probably closer than you think.  Melanie shares how her family nearly lost someone because of a tampon.  Read the full story here.


  1. I really like – I first visited the site about 8 years ago, their forums were a scary example of ignorance on health issues amongst teens (and adults), no different to most other forums really. When I first visited I was a one-woman army spreading information about menstrual cups and TSS on the forums…I took a long break. Upon going back a few years ago I noticed a great increase in information on these topics, both on the forum and on the site itself. The site has shown itself to be far more feminist and positive than many other sites, given how many people use it’s great to see articles like this.